Let's Runaway From The Past
And Chase The Future

This song might not be about what I feel from it. However, like many great music artists have said... let the music speak to you and be what it means. Right now, this song speaks to me about us all running away from the toxic past of Twitter many of us ran from and those who joined us over here even after the purchase by Elon Musk. This is a perfect time; we have to chase the future of decentralization and run away from the past of letting companies control our social media. Yeah, it might feel a bit lonely at first over here, starting over... but the fediverse is 10 million strong and still growing, and we are collectively stronger and more open-minded. So let us keep chasing the future together; we are still at a turning point. We cannot stop pushing as if we do, companies will swoop back in and steal back centralized control of social media. So let us keep running away together into the future, where communities of people and individuals instead of companies own our data.

For those who are still looking to use a bridge, I suggest hosting your own instance of the privacy-respecting BirdsiteLive.